1. Man, I am happy for this. There was a big fight happening in my neighborhood community and i just turned off my room lights and played this sound while silently watching. They automatically stopped fighting and peace reigns once again. Lol!!!!

  2. This is sickening every seconds counts, instead of thinking about your self and refusing to move think of the ones your putting at risk. It’s law move out of the way for emergency services.

  3. I think it was stupid on both sides of the drivers arguments, the forester could have easily driven into the right hand lane and stayed there. They really didn’t need to drive into the lane and keep on driving (to block the taxi from merging). Just shows how people don’t think when they hear loud sirens…

  4. How are those sirens so loud yet so freaking quiet? They just drown in those packed streets. Here in Germany Emergency Sirens are so freaking loud you can't stand next to the vehicles for longer than 30 seconds without almost busting your eardrums

  5. Those sirens are very creepy as hell in New York city. That is very busy city to live in. I live in Baltimore md our police cars sirens don't sound like that. Those cars hear that police car and medic trying to get though.

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