Ooni in NYC: Passion for Pizza | Joe Riggio of NY Pizza Suprema | Episode 4 of 4

From by-the-slice to Neapolitan-style and Sicilian pies, New York City is a thriving hub for all things pizza. Join die hard pizza lovers and Ooni co-founders, Darina Garland and Kristian Tapaninaho, as they explore NYC’s most famed pizza establishments and share a slice with the city’s ultra-passionate pizza personalities in our four-part series, Ooni in NYC: Passion for Pizza.

In the final episode in the series, we meet Joe Riggio. Before the iconic Madison Square Garden even existed in downtown NYC, Sicilian immigrant Salvatore Riggio opened NY Pizza Suprema across the road in 1964. Right up until 1988, the restaurant was long known for its ‘plain slices only’ motto, serving only pizza topped with freshly made tomato sauce and cheese. With son Joe now at the helm, this Manhattan institution has expanded into a by-the-slice buffet, offering up both large Neapolitan- and Sicilian-style pies to queues of hungry patrons.

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  1. I ate the pizza before I heard him talking but he’s 100% right. I live in Europe and if I want Italian pizza I go to Italy. If I want American style pizza I will go to NYC and Pizza Suprema.

  2. Love watching this. I asked a question to Joe when having a slice with my son. He sat down and talked pizza for 20 min. Really one of my highlights of my trip to NYC. I wish I could remember any of the like 12 steps it takes to make that airy upside down pizza. This guy lives and breaths 🍕. One shot of Joe's face and it was like sitting across from him. I could listen to someone talk about their passion all day.

  3. I like the video but him saying "pie" hurts a bit.. Anyway I am lost, I'm watching every ooni pro clip and I ended up here where they use electric ovens..

  4. Absolutely Awesome!! Been there as a kid. Big slices!! Go Knicks!! Grew up in CT eating pizza. Friday nights were the greatest nights because it was pizza night. Comfort food for Northerners… The Brick Oven in Bridgeport, CT was wood fired pizza. If I’m not mistaken, the oven was transported from Italy and it’s over 100 plus years old. Amazing taste and flavor…..

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