Pilots Landing (POV) over Hudson River/ Downtown NYC to La Guardia Airport

Dash Cam of a flight going over Hudson River, Tjme Square, Statue of Liberty, and all of NYC into a landing at La Guardia airport.



  1. Last year in august I spent the majority of my landing looking for my school from above Manhattan. In Chelsey 23rd st. Since my schools has a nice red roof its easy to spot. I had fun looking at the place I’ve lived in all my life from a different view. Then quickly locating the area I live in just by spotting the Bronx Zoo. (its about and hour from where I live by foot)

  2. 0:24 самые комфортные офисные помещения, как гвозди эти высотки. А главное их все больше этих небоскрёбов и больше и больше. Что это за такой капитализм, при котором главнее всего комфорт работника? Почему не строят свинарники?

  3. I flew this approach many times and it's the best view of Manhattan and NYC. However, I've never seen them line up to fly out on R22 to go over Queens! Fly out on 4 many times but never this way.

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