Pitbull – International Love (Official Video) ft. Chris Brown

Official Video for ”International Love” by Pitbull featuring Chris Brown
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You put it down like New York City, I never sleep (Yeah)
Wild like Los Angeles, my fantasy (Chris Brown, woo!)
Hotter than Miami, I-I-I feel the heat (oh, yeah)
Oh, girl, it’s, it’s international love, oh, oh, oh, yeah, it’s international love (woo!)

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  1. Thumb down cuz the lyrics he says it’s a girl and her sister in Romania. I consider that taking advantage of women. Romania is well known as a poor country. So most likely he’s taking advantage of women who probably live in poverty and would welcome his money In exchange for their promiscuity. Just not okay. Ew. Is there nothing better he can do with his money? Just another disgusting man. Why does Jlo support this ??!!!

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