Rebirth of downtown NYC 9/11/2012

In honor of the anniversary of 9/11, Earth Cam published this commemorative time-lapse of the building of One World Trade Center. The building began in 2006, and the time-lapse begins in 2010.



  1. My friend was born on this tragic day but with every death comes a new birth god bless America and the ones who died u know what to those bad people out there that r happy about this event fuck u we r still standing as one big happy American family and will never lose hope on anyone out there who suffered because of this

  2. This shits gonaa get blown up again by ur on government and blamed on Muslims and they going 2 time the shit so they can fuk am over so much flaws in G Bush wen he clearly says shit like yes it was a conspiracy then hes like o umm no it was terrorist dayymm these nigaas gotta do some cleaning up 2 do and do ur homework

  3. enough with the fucking conspiracy theories….just let these innocent people rest in peace,and try to move forward as a nation….maybe,if everybody wasn't so worried with trying to be right all the god damn time,people might actually like each other????

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