Riding BMX in a NYC Protest

We were riding BMX around Midtown Manhattan filming a DailyCruise when we heard about a protest/riot a few blocks away. This is raw footage from 7:00- 8:00 PM in NYC. Things were getting a bit rowdy around nightfall.

*We were not involved in any property damage

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Filmed by myself and http://instagram.com/alexcannova

MUSIC- Mike Flips

#NYC #Protest #RIPGeorgeFloyd



  1. ppl are so dumb they did all that damage for nothing all those roits and protest and all it did was just make the blm look bad the hole world knows it know thats why ppl see the blm as a joke

  2. There are saying peaceful protesters and then burning things and rioting and then no justice no peace and when the cops retaliate against them, the freak out like bitch what did you think was going to happen

  3. First of all, if they did not have a permit by the Manhattan Borough government to do the protest at that time, then it was illegal to begin with. Secondly, this was NOT a peaceful protest. People were starting uncontrolled fires in the streets (which is legally considered to be arson), destroying MTA property, defacing NYPD vehicles, and if I’m not mistaken, one person even aggressively assaulted a policeman. I support the NYPD for dispersing this crowd, they had lost their minds. It’s not okay to assault anyone, especially a policeman, no matter how noble your message is.

    These protestors are not good people. They are people who want to watch the world burn.

    No matter what your opinion of American law enforcement officials is, the NYPD was justified in dispersing this crowd. There are bad police, but there are officers that are good people who protect the people of their regions, and people take that for granted.

    As for the Black Lives Matter Organization, I am highly against it, because they are very corrupt and make it so painfully obvious. They burn down businesses and vehicles, block emergency vehicles, and then, they try to cover it up. I do believe that black lives matter. I also believe that all lives matter, no matter your race, or what part of Earth you’re from.

  4. how can police find a mf that killed 50 people left no evidence behind but a letter written in the murderers own language, and then decode it into english, but cant stop this

  5. everyone is talking about how car guys would be like, "oh an nsx", but no one is talking about the green land rover defender 90 that was parked on the street

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