SEE a $1,900 Luxury Apartment in Midtown NYC’s Hottest High-Rise

Stunning luxury Manhattan apartment in at a very affordable price! This studio is better than most luxury 1 bedrooms because the price is insanely good, and the unit has a separate kitchen and lots of closets. Would you live in a Manhattan luxury apartment like this or does this unit not have the old school charm and character NYC is known for? i think living here would be an absolute treat because this Murray Hill Luxury apartment has a roof deck and a gym that come with the building. Check out this midtown Manhattan apartment tour and let me know what you think!

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  1. I live in AZ , for the price you pay for that studio, is the same price i pay for my 2500 sqft 5 bd, 2 story house on a 10,000 sqft lot in the Nice neighborhood 🙂 For the price of the 2 bd apartment , you could buy a million dollar home here 🙂 (which would be 6-7 bdroom and be about 3600-5500 sqft )

  2. I lived in that studio in Anthem in 2018-2020 and I loved it. Murray Hill isn't the most happening spot, but it's low key and that can be a good thing. Everyone at Anthem was absolutely the coolest and I can't recommend that place enough. I don't live in NYC anymore but I have the best memories of this studio. Thanks for making this video.

  3. I enjoy watching. Brand new to this. The downer is I live in Minnesota. I live in a townhouse. In this part of the country, things are cheaper. The townhouse is $235,000 for 1453 sq.ft. In New York, I wouldn't be surprize if price was $500,000 and up. Two bedroom, Den. 11/2 bath. Tuck under 2 car garage. Keep up the good work. I love New York. I visited in 1970. saw the Empire State, Didn't realize the Twins were being work on. Mom grew up in the 20's and Thirties. Also I saw an accident COOL! 1970 Cadillac. Ah, the rich have so much fun!

  4. I'll keep my country butt in Georgia and enjoy my 1700 so ft townhouse and my 650 a month and my 80,000 a year driving job you all in NYC are completely stupid but the guy is nice but stupid

  5. People who pay this much to live in one of the biggest liberal cities of the US are nuts. I have a 3bd, 2bath, 2 car garage on 1.22 acres of land for the same price as that tiny apartment.

  6. Sad state if all it takes for place to be considered a luxury apartment in NYC is for it to be clean and rat free LOL These apartments are a far cry from what true luxury really is!

  7. One think I would change in the 2 bedroom is the bathroom. I dont think a space like this needs two bathrooms. Also the walk in closet is huuuge. I would just leave the bathroom in the hall and utilize the space of the master bathroom and closet and make the room bigger. Thats where the bedroom would be and the other room would be my office space. Could totally see myself living there!

  8. when you measure rooms, do you start inside the closet and measure out, or do you not include the closets and start on the outside wall of the closets

  9. Horrible prices for Horrible apartments lol move somewhere where for $1900 you have at least 2 bdrm, 1000sqf balcony or garage and much more. Here you'll be paying $1900 rent plus another $200-$300 utilities and you have no space, no garage no nothing…. just crazy ppl around you.👍

  10. I have a lot of respect for anyone that can live in such a small space , having never lived in anything smaller than 3000 square feet it would be quite the adjustment but , absolutely makes you prioritize your possessions. What passes for a bedroom in NYC would hardly be considered a sufficient walk-in closet in some places .

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