SEE a $6500 JAW-DROPPING Park Ave Condo | NYC Apartment Tour

If its on Park Ave, it better be good – and THIS PLACE is 🔥 Check out the massive Wall-of-Windows overlooking Park Avenue in Midtown Manhattan New York City by Herald Square, with Views of the Chrysler and Empire State Buildings. This place is so good that if you don’t like it, I think you should move to Antarctica. Jokes aside, this 2br, 2 bath takes up the entire floor of its boutique luxury building and has Direct Elevator Service.

Check out this listing here to learn more: 💎💯 (mention this youtube video to get $6,500 rent for this $7,000 listing)

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  1. $2,340,000 if you calculate that into a 30 year loan lol. Seriously this is one of the nicest places he's shown in terms of just massive sqaure footage great light/views. Also that you have the whole floor to yourself with private elevator access is unheard of in Manhattan.

  2. Love the elevator entrance. Hope there’s a stairs option. Just dreaming of course but, if I could buy the place it needs to be painted away from those terrible colors, The crazy island and mirrored backsplash have to go. Replaced with something that doesn’t feel dated. I’d sacrifice space elsewhere to make the master bathroom shower larger. But that second bedroom would be a great art studio/ home office space with plants on that ledge and in the living room by those amazing windows. Also people need to stop putting wine storage above refrigerators.

  3. Great point about the luxury building lobbies being nice to attract renters, but in this case it seems the lobby is blah and the apartment's glass is the attraction, masking the dated finishes in an old building.

  4. This is probably one of my favorite apartments that you have shown. I could easily live there. I sort of like the fact that it is somewhat dated, almost gives it a weird "vintage" sort of feel to it.

  5. The track lighting ruins it for me. This is Park Avenue. Crystal chandeliers are needed in keeping with the history of the neighborhood. This would be a nice apartment in a newer building within Manhattan but, not here.

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