Smashburger crawl through downtown NYC🍔

Hot take: smashburgers preside over all other burgers. And I got to spend an entire afternoon eating them with Sydney (@whatcouldbebutter on IG, our burger crawl organizer) and Kylie (@cookingwithcocktailrings on IG).

Stop 1: 7th Street Burger. Sydney is the first person to ever tell me about this spot and I honestly don’t know why more people aren’t talking about it – one of the best smashburgers I’ve had! They keep things simple and classic – just the way I like it. Don’t sleep on the salt + pepper fries.

Stop 2: we tried to go to Heros & Villains inside of the Essex Market but they were closed so a glass of orange wine at People’s Wine Bar it was!! The only sensible thing to do, really.

Stop 3: last but not least, we checked out the Gotham Burger Social Club popup at Ray’s Bar on the Lower East Side. This burger remains one of my favorites in NYC: potato bun, quality meat, bread & butter pickles (love this touch!), special sauce, ketchup & mustard on a Martin’s potato bun. Classic and perfect!