Someone Turned a Bathroom INTO an NYC Apartment…

This new york apartment might be a little weird but its now a pretty unique place to live, even if your not a fan of the bathroom tile thats pretty much everywhere. Its sunny and has expensive renovations which dont make sense considering this place is in Manhattan and costs as much as a “luxury” studio apartment.

Text Alex at (929) 269-5033 to rent it!

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  1. I’m from Harlem. Born and raised. I like the apartment but not that neighborhood. But supermarkets, transportation, restaurants and liquor stores everywhere. Good to see they’re putting washers and dryers in apartments. Still glad I left Nee York.

  2. Wasn't this the part of the city that looked like a war zone with burned out buildings, trash 2 stories high in vacant lots, torched cars on the streets back in the 70's/80's?? AKA it looked more like Berlin circa 1945 than NYC.

  3. not "full size" dishwasher, refrigerator, wine refrigerator, laundry washer, or laundry drier
    Smoke detectors detect airborne drywall gypsum dust, drywall joint 'mud' dust, and paint particles in refurbished rooms that you visit.

  4. This is my neighborhood! you walked right by my car and apartment on 126th. You can definitely find deals up in this neighborhood and the access to the 125th express stop (A,B,C,D) makes it pretty easy to get downtown. There's also a new large rock climbing gym on 125th across from the Apollo

  5. Are those “project” buildings in the background? That’s a lot.

    An unnecessary concentration of low income renters that should be spread evenly across a city and not squeezed into one area, essentially CREATING a ghetto.

  6. That Halal place on the corner? Definitely not a restaurant. In the summer, you can smell what's on sale in there…live chickens! This is a great area that's close to transportation and several grocery stores. You forgot mention Dunkin Donuts across the street. Great apartment though…

  7. I scrolled quite a while and don’t see anyone commenting on the title. I watched the whole video and don’t see how the title is at all true or relevant. Cash why did you lie in the title? It’s ridiculous the click bait you pull. I like your tours but why do you lie? Nothing in this video references the title, was it a mistake?

  8. Cash, recently I've found your video titles do not reflect the content. You don't need to change the videos, but please give some thought to how you want to describe them to us. Here your header says the apartment was made from a BATHROOM. While intriguing, the vid has nothing to do with the title you gave it.

  9. Time stamp of the explanation of an explanation of how this must've been a very large bathroom to convert into a whole apartment?

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