Stunning images show empty NYC under coronavirus lockdown

Stay-at-home orders have turned America’s densest and most vibrant cities into virtual ghost towns, but for one New York photojournalist, the shutdown created a unique chance to document the empty city. Brook Silva-Braga joined George Steinmetz as the latter recounted his unusual helicopter ride around a locked down New York City.



  1. I'm from Houston Texas they're showing us on the news that the government hospitals here are failed to capacity and that's a damn lie cuz I just came from there yesterday and there's nobody in there

  2. I was homeless during those times. I still have tears in my eyes when i remember, it seems it happened 10 years ago …only my love for music and art kept me going… Thanks New Yorkers who gave me a hand. I have a studio and my gf is pregnant. Im happy. I survived

  3. For the City that never sleeps. It now the city that has been KNOCKED OUT.
    Unfortunately I really think that it will be permanently around the world.
    Sorry that the New York City Gestapo was hassling you for your memory card.
    Please keep posting your videos and telling the truth about exactly what is going on around the city of New York.
    That was truly an eye opener that reveals that something really shady is going on regarding the Coronavirus Outbreak in the United States. You must MICRO EXAMINE your memory card to see what it was that the police didn't want you to know.

  4. The Global Media Complex one of the more effective arms of the Swamp, has teamed up with their Corporate Puppet Masters to Destroy Small Business In The USA. Small Business Owners Are The Closest To Freedom because They March to Their Own Tune and Don't Rely On Government Handouts. By Enforcing Illegal Lockdowns, Mandatory Facemask Edicts, and Ignoring Crime, They Have Boxed In Their Citizens, in an Effort to make Them More Dependent on Government. They Allow Their Corporate Handlers to Profit From The Crisis. Make No Mistake The Virus is an Engineered Weapon Designed To Justify Their Agenda. The Virus was created so everyone would get it , The vaccine is what you must avoid, they have a malevolent plan for that. The Global Media Complex together with Corrupt Health Officials Exaggerate the Death Counts, Focusing on Infection Rates, which are designed to be high. Quarantines are to isolate the sick, not the healthy, yet they have forced us to do the opposite. Many Businesses That Have Shut Their Doors Will Never Open Back Up Again, and the longer you let these Tyrants get away with this the Less Time there is for Your Company To Survive. You must Organize Now ! In As Large Numbers As Possible, to Protest or Recall Your Gov Officials causing this destruction. Contact anyone you can and organize, the left and Big Tech have spent the last several years separating us from one another, because they know if we organize their is strength in numbers. It's why the Chinese monitor all there 1.2 Billion people and wont allow gatherings of more than 6 people. China is more than aspirational for these Swamp creatures, China designs the takeover template.

  5. Bless you, Joni Mitchell, for giving us the perfect lyrics to this moment:

  6. i was in nyc.. five times… the big apple… and it is empty now… i cant even believe my eyes…. emptiness…. as empty as my soul right now… i just want to scream…

  7. I've lived in NYC since I was 2 years old (over 25 years ago), I moved here from India. No matter what happens, I always think NYC is the greatest city ever. New Yorkers are great, New York is great. I have no doubt that NYC will get through this, we've gotten through a lot worse. Hope everyone is staying safe.

  8. Its not weird that we're living through a historic event, we've done it plenty before. 9/11/ Iraq war, Obama inauguration, boston marathon etc. This Is different sure but not that weird

  9. COVID 19 is a PSY OPS
    against people.
    The death are the conséquences of 5G technology, in Wuhan, Italia, Paris, London, Spain…
    Countries not having this technology are manipulated.

  10. These massive cities should be outlawed and regulated going forward. It's disgusting having people living on top of people in filth like that. Just look at how quickly it turned into chaos there whereas here in Missouri we have only had one single case as of this week of coroanvirus in my county and it was a truck driver who got it driving on the east coast and coming back here. Its sickening/

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