The Best Pancakes In NYC | Best In Town

Insider’s Herrine Ro and friend Erin Kommor visit three famous pancake restaurants in New York City to find the best one. They visit Clinton St. Baking Company, Sunday in Brooklyn, and Taiyaki NYC.

Clinton St.:
Sunday in BK:
Taiyaki NYC:

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The Best Pancakes In NYC | Best In Town



  1. OMG at the end why did the girl on the left do the video when she is sitting apart from the other girl like she has COVID ? WTF if you are so scared stay home

  2. what was the point socially distancing and then cut to a shot were ur walking literally cm’s apart? doing shit just to do shit makes zero sense

  3. The best pancakes are made by my grandma in her kitchen using her 50 year old cast iron pan lol. But seriously, i've tried them all and they are delicious! Visit them when you're in nyc!

  4. The white girl eats tiny tiny bits 🤔.. I don’t understand how she can review food with such a small small taste of it. This is my second episode and she did the same thing with the other episode.

  5. Oh it’s so amazing to see that the pandemic has just completely disappeared. What a clever virus and was it even knew what time to go out at night or what time to go out of date it even knew it to end. Just amazing the virus COVID-19 how clever can you get.

  6. American pancakes do not really look good to a spoiled dutchy like me, but I enjoyed the video… Now I want Dutch pancakes…. Luckily I got Oliebollen! Happy New Year!

  7. You can make the blue berry one at home easily lol. Blueberry sauce super easy to make just syrup lemon juice and the blue berries cook them down but don't turn them to a mush add a teaspoon of cornstarch and water in a cup stir it and put it into the sauce to thicken it. The pancakes u get a stick of butter and rub it on your pan and then pit the pancake mix on it.

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