This $1,500 Manhattan Apartment will Make You Move to NYC!

This NYC Apartment is Totally gorgeous! It has 3 large windows and classic finishes through out. There’s also laundry and its right by the train in a Fun neighborhood in Upper Manhattan. Check out the full tour of this New York City treasure of a Manhattan Apartment and let me know what you think 👍 I was impressed by how nice the overall finishes were – the floors of this apartment were new, and so was the kitchen and bathroom. Would you move to NYC for a Manhattan apartment for rent like this?

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  1. That roast was probably better than the roasted nuts used in Dunkin Donuts. A catchphrase I just came up with, that you could use I guess Cash

    Also I'm not American or Canadian and so apart from Starbucks which we have here I never tried Dunkin Donuts, what's so bad about it? Is it the watered down coffee that's the problem and the not fresh Donuts? Does that apply everywhere? If its any comfort the Costa we have here….the coffee is just 😝waaayyyyy too watered down. I like my coffee strong with some milk and sugar personally

  2. Your humor is very funny and realistic!! I watch your show for entertainment & find it hard to believe what you pay for an apartment in NewYork is not worth the price! As a native Californian renting and living here is so much less expensive than NY, depending on the area. Evidently, in NY one must eat out daily since there is not much refrigeration or food storage, very small clothes closets too. No elevators to carry $50-$80 groceries, or do you only carry a few at a time walking up stairs daily?

  3. What is his weird obsession w sink sprayers? Its like he jacks off to the fact they exist in a home….. like people are going " yeah 1500 for 2 bed room?, yea i wont take that great deal if it dosent come w a sink sprayer " lmao like wtf

  4. The fact that you tried to diss the restaurant’s in the area…yeah that wouldn’t keep me from renting that apartment for $1500 including utilities!! Come on now, a bidet???? Here’s my ssn, work history and references 🤣🤣🤣🤣 BTW yes I want that 4/20 cake and I vote Dominoes over Little Ceasars🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. The only downside is that if it’s already furnished is that I have no where to put my future stuff. So I’d have to get a storage or save massive amount of money to buy all new furniture for my new apartment/house

  6. The second space is great but where’s the fridge? Overall the aesthetics in both is beautiful and in unit laundry is a plus. I think for fully furnished spaces the prices are fair. I would definitely choose the second space.

  7. Very interesting and deluxe for the price of this apartment # 1. The second apartment looked better to me. Both of the apartments were people oriented. The person who designed the interiors knew the client. So much variation in the NYC apartments. Some look like boxes, yet places like these show you how much you can find if you look. Thank you, Mr. Jordan for your delightful help in the apartment market. Stay safe everyone.

  8. The second one is definitely worth the extra $500.
    Ya know, I’ve been binging these videos and some of these are really not bad at all and the prices aren’t either. Maybe I could afford to live there after all 😳

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