THIS $2500 Rent-Stabilized NYC Apartment IS a DREAM come TRUE

This NYC Apartment is Rent Stabilized and your rent will never go up. Its also in a Luxury Building in Chelsea by 9th avenue and is surrounded by local cafes, shops and nightlife, plus its just a block from the Highline Park! The building itself was recently constructed and has a Roof Deck with insane views of the Empires State Building, One World Trade and the towers at Hudson Yards. Does a Chelsea apartment with rent stabilization sound too good to be true? Or is this a New York City Dream come true? There’s only one way to find out!

Fyi rent stabilized apartments are super hard to find in NYC

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  1. Rent stabilization has backfired on the majority of New Yorkers. All it has done is subsidize the lucky few at the expense of the unlucky many. 1/3 of apartments in nyc are rent stabilized which restrictions supply. NYC rents are going up mainly due to so many rent stabilized apartments.

  2. I’ve been in NYC twice and this area is one of my favorites, just to be able to use the high line on a daily basis is such a nice plus to me. This studio is probably of the best I’ve seen here, great light, awesome views, good amenities, nice layout. Is small, but cleverly set up.

  3. This appartment has the nerve to have strict income monthly rules must be like this to keep the black people out of it I feel you should give people a chance let them get settled and siqn they least and if they don't pay rent on time put them out make affordable housing fair for all

  4. That us a great studio. If that extra counter stays, I would use it as my desk, also. Those cubbies holes, with baskets can hold the supplies. I Al's would put a daybed where the bed is. That would give noe a lot more room.

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