This $3000 Luxury Apartment Towers Over Downtown Manhattan NYC!

Ready for a Top-of-the-Line Luxury NYC Apartment tour with Great views in Manhattan’s East Village? This place is in a new construction with a roof deck, elevator, and other amenities you normally wont see for this price anywhere in lower manhattan nyc, on top of that, this is surprisingly affordable for a Manhattan Luxury Apartment. Check out this downtown new york apartment tour and let me know what you think of this stunning luxury manhattan apartment!

💎 Check out this listing here to learn more. Gross rent $3700, Net rent $3000:

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  1. Love your energy, passion, knowledge, charisma and your videos are fantastic. However, you're not a fan of big brands/chain places and that's fair because i completely agree with you.. but you don't have to go out of your way to bash them every chance you get. It slightly diminishes your likeableness.

  2. I’m addicted to Tik Tok and Cash Jordan. I’m thankful we think alike and don’t eat that chain crap. I faithfully shop at Trader Joe’s. I’m glad we think alike so you don’t look down on me 😁

  3. Pity they didn't swap the refrigerator door opening around so that it opens more conveniently for its position in the kitchen. Is swapping the fridge door opening orientation not a 'thing' in the US? It is here in the UK.

  4. Ok Cash here's the rundown straight with no chaser! When you construct your building in an area that's NOT WORTH 3K a month ( WOW! Did owner do ANY rental rate comps in the area prior to setting prices and opening his/her building?) you're already setting yourself up to fail miserably or have mediocre success at best!! Reason number one: with that oversized bathroom you think I'm interested in tolerating going down to that somewhat creepy, cramped laundry room once to twice EVERY WEEK??? It would have made so much RATIONAL sense to put a full size W/D to left of entry into restroom, move that towel bar, use space for an absolute necessity!! Almost any section of bath can accommodate a towel bar!!
    Reason number two: bedrooms need to be bigger and laid out with more thought; especially the so-called master
    Reason three: was the owner's only focus to save money in EVERY INCH OF UNIT? NO MATTER HOW THAT DECISION AFFECTS THE FINISHED PRODUCT???
    This must be the case otherwise what reason prevented crew from installing the standard island in kitchen?
    Reason four: if owner can't be bothered to properly manage his/her property PLEASE DO THEMSELVES A FAVOR BY HIRING A REPUTABLE, EXPERIENCED, PROFESSIONAL MGMT CO!!
    This suggestion is directly related to fact when you toured the kitchen it was a MAJOR TURNOFF to witness the manufacturer's identification logo on one of the appliances be smudged with fingerprints, dried water stains on those FAB counters, what appeared to be fingerprints on the fridge as well, had to laugh how you made the right choice by not getting too close or showing the depth of sink- which means it must have presented worse than the counter 🤭🤫!
    For those individuals who ignore reviews and go on their own instincts, which ultimately is what we all do when we are enchanted by something and everyone in our lives say no, we usually run toward it !! That said , the following observations are for you: size of unit based on apt general sq footage in most parts of the state ✅ local availability of trader joe's a true grocery store and multiple ethnic restaurant food offerings✅ train within decent walking distance, even for people with physical challenges✅ brand new bldg with modern, contemporary finishes, bike storage, laundry, elevator, security bldg✅ kitchen with top of the line high end appliances, GORGEOUS BACKSPLASH/ SINK/COUNTERS/CABINETRY✅ Modern, stand-out, one of a kind bldg,✅ OUTSTANDING upscale spa bathroom, with stupendous med closet, outrageously beautiful sink and oversized tub with excellent tilework✅ roof deck with views for miles, comfy large chairs and space to sit in a group or separately ✅
    Overall this is a SUPERFAB place to call home for some people ! 👍 As for me : if I'm paying three grand EVERY month to assist in paying a mortgage for someone else it must be in one of my top ten fav neighborhoods in NYC and the lower east side doesn't make the cut!

  5. Went to bed the other night I’m watching my tablet my husband says what are you watching? I’m watching Cash Jordan NYC apartments. Next morning my husband wakes up looks at and says You are not moving to New York!!!! Lol 😂 he had a bad dream 😴😹

  6. Nice apartment, plus it seems to be near the only Trader Joe's on Earth that isn't crowded! I'm just a bit skeptical of a "luxury building" (with luxury prices) without a doorman.

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