THIS IS HOW GIRLS REACT WHEN YOU PULL UP TO NYC IN A HELLCAT. We have the Dodge challenger , Dodge Charger , Durango , Ferrari , atv , dirt bikes , ford mustang , lambo and much more.

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DISCLAIMER: Filmed in Mexico for movie purposes only. The videos are highly edited and not real. Green screen is in use during the making of the video. No Laws were broken during the making of this video.

hellcat redeye camaro ford mustang



  1. Every Person who subscribes to the channel, likes the video and comments below will get a response to their comment by me. I want to thank you all for the support it means the world to me. Don't forget the 2020 Corvette is also on the way for the channel.

  2. These idiots don't need to be driving cars like's all fun and games until someone gets hurt or killed because you drive like a damn fool

  3. A combination of low rider guys and import racers that bought new muscle cars and now think they are real gear heads/ hotrodders. “What type of tint, what kinda of satin wrap, what wheels, that’s shinny”. Real gear heads would say fk shinny and instead be inquiring about the heads, cam, crank, piston types and specs, multi angle valve cuts, timing and tunning, cooling systems, suspension, brakes, transmission, rear end axles and gears, etc. The difference between someone who buys their cars and someone who builds their cars and puts in the blood, sweat, and tears. Cleaning every single rusted, grimy bolt on the wire wheel, countless hours sanding, cutting and welding, underneath the car holding up parts with one hand and wrenching with the other. Your so busy working on your car you forget to even eat! Trucks of my cars have tools and a jack.

  4. Thanks for the vid. Honestly I thought the nypd swat team was going to throunce on the crew becuase of the tinted windows lol. Did you decide to wrap your whip? Any reliable wrap shops near nyc you can recommend. And the net is showing old/closed shops. Most had closed down due to the covid

  5. I own a 1981 c3 corvette. And trust me when I say this. I turn more heads than a hellcat. 🤣. Its cool and sort of getting annoying that i often get a pic or people at gas stations always want to talk 😆

  6. I don't like car clubs.
    Gatherings are ok but in car clubs is all about competition.
    I have the ability to build a super fast car and beat cars all day long but it's not more important then enjoying my car.
    I like to cruise i don't give a f about women who dont like my car or anymore else who just doesn't like special cars.
    I drive it because I like it,I like the look,the lines,the sound it makes.
    More people ask me if the cars for sale then people who actually say they like it.

  7. Bro, get on amazon and get yourself a cigarette lighter air pump for your car. They're like $20 or less and can pump up a tire in a few minutes. I've had a flat before and I just pumped it up and drove home (It never went flat again idk what happened haha). But even if you have a screw or whatever, you can pump your tire back up, drive it halfway home, stop if you have to to fill it back up again, and get home or the tire shop. It's better than having to change to a spare (if you even have one).

  8. I still don't understand why anyone likes kitty cats. I mean "hellcats." The pig cops literally drive them, so every time I see one, I assume it is a cop and I am not impressed. Almost everyone and their mother has a hellcat, challenger, mustang, bmw, or mercedes C class these days. So what is is so impressive about those cars? It's like as though the person is driving anything rare like a GTR. I don't get it at all. I also do not find them appealing as vehicles. The oldschool 1960s muscle cars were better. The new ones all look the same and are posers. I'm Just-A-Saiyan

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