This is The NARROWEST Apartment in NYC Selling for $5,000,000 🤑 #shorts

The NARROWEST Apartment in NYC | Selling for $5,000,000 #shorts
Check out the full tour:



  1. I live on our small family farm that’s just over 800 acres. We have a 200+ year old farm house that has been restored and we even found a wood burning cook stove that was made around the same time the house was built! That’s the kind of history I want to live in, not something I pay 5 million for and can’t even invite my family over for dinner!!! No thanks!

  2. Theres no way I'd pay that kind of money for that in New York or anywhere he'll for 5 mill u could buy a piece of Texas a small castle go to England and by a castle go to Spain by an estate why not ask 15 mom is not going to get it.tsk tsk tsk good luck no way tho.

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