This is what it was like to live in NYC 100 years ago! #shorts

What do you think of this 2 bedroom 2 bathroom 1920’s style apartment in the Upper West Side of NYC?! Comment below! Follow for more NYC apartment tours!

Listing by @Teplitzky Dunayer Team

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  1. My brother's ex lived in a old apartment like this, there was also a long hallway with the rooms on the side, he had vintage furniture and kept it really beautiful just like this. It was nice.

  2. "parlors" are the first room to the side after you walk in, it's where your guests were seated before you invited them fully into your home, or in lieu of invite into your home, it's where you entertained guests that were not invited for a meal or to stay, also guess you didn't want expect, this is not a parlor, should have consulted a southerner before you spouted off that kinda fuckery

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