TINY NYC Apartment Tour! 70 sqft Downtown, New York City Cheap Studio for Rent | Nyasia C

Would you live here? Peek inside one of the smallest apartments in New York City for rent at just 70sq ft. Take a tour of this empty NYC apartment located in downtown West Village, one of the cheapest units you can find for the location!

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I’m Nyasia – a Product Designer and Real Estate Broker from NYC. On this channel I create lifestyle content about my favorite things: food, fashion, travel, and real estate.



  1. I LOVE watching your apartment tour videos even though most of these apartments are way out of my price range! I'm disabled and only get $830 a month, so really the only way I would consider moving to NYC is if I could somehow get in with NYCHA. But these are still so much fun to look at!

  2. I would not use that bathroom, I'd have 2 get a toilet & shower like they use in van life, get a new sink spout that is retractable and I bucket 2 stand in to take shower and a portable potty 🤷🏿‍♀️

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