Touring a $28,750,000 Apartment in the THINNEST SKYSCRAPER IN THE WORLD | NYC

This week we are touring 111 West 57th, the most slender skyscraper in the world and one of the newest developments in the New York City Skyline! Follow us on Instagram @EnesYilmazer , @AyersWorld , @Jaysonk0312!

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Property Address: 111 West 57th Street, Unit 43, New York, NY 10019
Specs: 3 Bedrooms, 3 Full Baths, 1 Half Bath
4,492 sq ft interior space / (417 sqm)
Listing Price: $28,750,000
Listing agent: Amy Williamson (@nyproperties) with Douglass Elliman
More information on 111 West 57th (@111west57st) and other available units:


Developers: Jack Zavidzad & Bobby Kashani
Developers: JDS Development Group (@jdsdevelopmentgroup) , PMG (@pmgdevelopment) , Spruce Captial Partners (#sprucecapitalpartners)

Design Team:
Exterior Architecture – SHoP Architects (@shoparchitects)
Interior Architecture – Studio Sofield (@studio_sofield)

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Created by Enes Yilmazer (DRE 02077182) – @EnesYilmazer
Filmed by @AyersWorld , @Dal.Davis
Edited by @AyersWorld , @Jaysonk0312
Drone Footage by @the Dronalist

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Time Codes:
0:00 – Intro & Exterior
1:24 – Entry, Dining Room, Living Room, Kitchen
7:20 – Powder Room, 2 Guest Suites
11:55 – Primary Bedroom Suit
17:05 – Information about the Building
19:40 – Summary



  1. It was amazing to tour such an iconic skyscraper in New York City! Let me know if you enjoyed it and want us to tour more of these in the future. Also this is the last video of 2020, let me know which video is your favorite this year!

  2. I always find it funny how bad the interior design for a lot of these super expensive apartments are. The design language is totally incoherent and all over the place. I guess it makes sense because these apartments are mostly just used as real estate assets, I guess thats why there’s so much emphasis on the expensive materials like all the “Onyx” stone (that doesn’t even look good or functional at all)

  3. Those lips on the counters are called fiddle boards on boats. They help keep plates and items sliding off when the boat is rolling at sea. I guess this building must sway quite a bit in the wind, otherwise they make no sense.

  4. Beautiful lip design… Beautiful lip design… Beautiful lip design… Beautiful lip design… Beautiful lip design… Beautiful lip design… Beautiful lip design…

  5. "O God of earth and altar,
    Bow down and hear our cry,
    Our earthly rulers falter,
    Our people drift and die;
    The walls of gold entomb us,
    The swords of scorn divide,
    Take not thy thunder from us,
    But take away our pride."
    -G.K. Chesterton

  6. 29 million for what? There is something wrong with America. I don’t see the value. Condos like that as shown are unremarkable except to say that the features of the home are no different than condos priced at 1,5 million or less. Did they even mention association fees? I can’t imagine how outrageous they would be. Absolutely ridiculous.

  7. I can only imagine how much the HOA fees will be on that building. The windows are filthy you can't see anything out of that bedroom. How much does it cost to clean those windows and how often do they do it?

  8. I’m sure whomever actually buys this will definitely not appreciate (or even know) that number of ovens. What a waste of luxury…

  9. Given the sanctions on Russia and many of its billionaires and the global impact this will have for years to come you might be able to pick it up for a fraction of the price but then, who could afford the annual service charges and weekly cleaning bills.
    Like a pair of Jimmy Choe shows – great to look at but useless as actual shoes 🤣

  10. For 28 million
    I could 20 acres of land and three store house with garage and truck of my dreams still have 20 million left over

    So why would I live in this building

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