Travel Guide to Eataly Downtown ! NYC FLOG #7

Should you go ? What shoud you get ? Pasta and Olive oils in this vibrant Italian market known as the temple of la dolce vita. Eataly is a famous Italian market in NYC and around the world, offering premium foods, counters, & restaurants. Here is a full travel & food tour guide to New York City Eataly Downtown

Eataly downtown
Address: 101 Liberty St, New York, NY 10006, USA

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  1. Very pricy place but if you need some rare stuff you will likely find it there. As for restaurants I tried pizza and it was below average. What you definitely need to try is homemade icecream -it is amazing.

  2. I'm from Torino, the city where Eataly opened his first store. About it I can say that you're right on so many things:
    a walk on the store it' absolutely worhty and you can eat really well. It is pricy and it is'nt the best food you can get for that price, but you're gonna eat well. In terms of buying stuff is important to know what you are buying: if you're looking for something particular, exotic or that you can difficultly find in other places it's ok as well as buying really quality normal products. But if you have to buy something that you can easily find in other stores, that's not a good choice beacause it will cost you more at Eataly.

  3. Alex I know that sometimes Italian and French argue about food, but, will you ever make a series in Italy? I love your videos and I'd love to see your experience here with the cucina nostrana 😀

  4. Alex thank you for making this series on New York. I just moved from NYC to Shanghai last year and these videos remind me so many great memories there. Chelsea Market, Eataly, Central Park, Brooklyn, everything! I also love all your videos on cooking and they sprinkle so much joy to my evenings. Like you I'm a big foodie and love to cook and experiment. I know it might be hard to get you notice this, but please let me know if you have a plan to visit Shanghai and i would be more than happy to show you all the good food here! Hui

  5. In NYC, drinking at a counter or bar will always be expensive- regardless of the selection, because the liquor licenses are so expensive for a business to purchase. The grocery prices are also high because real estate is so expensive.

  6. We have an Eataly here in Munich and it is very nice to walk through. I would certainly recommend eating something there. Buying something though??? Way too expensive! We have a wholesale Italian here named "SPINA"…everything Italian and at good prices…A lot cheaper than Eataly.

  7. i've been to Eataly São Paulo. Its a amazing experience that every food geek should have. But yeah, everything is triple the price and food is just so so. Its worth it knowing, i would come back to try the pizza, but i won't buy anything else.

  8. The reason the mozzarella had little flavor is that it is likely made with cow milk instead of the traditional buffalo milk. Sadly, that is the norm in the U.S.

  9. Love Eataly, I am Italian but I live in California, I am waiting for the one in LA to open. When I went to Eataly in Rome I bought lot of pasta, Italian rice, cheese and some special marmelade for the cheese…gosh I am hungry now

  10. Alex you missed unfortunately the best thing in New York and that's China Town. The crazy food and life style which is braided into New York's vein 🙂 . BTW thank you for the videos

  11. Eataly is brilliant, we have one in London and I love it. The feeling and atmosphere is amazing, very much like the mother store in Rome. But as Alex said only buy stuff you can't finding typical superstores! And try the tiramisu there, it is pricey but very delicious! Thanks for the great video Alex!!!

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