Uber driver shot in NYC during attempted robbery dies

Police say the gunman got into the Uber, which had a passenger at the time, in an ill-fated robbery attempt.

It’s unclear whom the shooter was firing at, but video shows a muzzle flash inside the car and the teenager drop outside on the sidewalk. A second flash is presumed to be the shot that killed Singh.

The passenger was uninjured and cooperating with police.

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  1. Uber needs Bullet proof windows inside the cars. They need to use company cars not there own cars and have shield windows that are bulletproof also a button they can hit to get cops to them fast.

  2. criminals like these should be quickly neutralized, in fact capital punishment should be delivered there and immediately, a lot of resources are waisted taking people like these to jail. they aren’t human anymore

  3. That’s not a Toyota Camry it’s a Mercedes-Benz A220. Such a shame, he probably worked so hard to get that car, all just to get his life taken by some selfish scumbags.

  4. SUPER PREDATORS!! Why are so many black and brown people so violent?why? Why is it that all you hear is how white supremacy is some how to blame? Why is there no black leaders with a blow horn screaming black lives matter at these sellout gangbangers! And lastely why are these leaders such COWARDS?!!

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