Video shows Asian man attacked on N.Y.C. subway train

The increase of hate crimes against Asian Americans continues to rise in New York City. A video showed an Asian man being attacked in New York City on a subway train. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO:

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  1. Trump has empowered these people into attacking Asian people. Oh no, that's only if it's a white person. Then it's all about the attacker being white.

  2. This dont make me think twice of taking the train. These pu$sys know who to pick on. Not Waiting for the day one of these punks try me, but if it ever comes They gonna regret it.

  3. I was sitting in the waiting area at SSA. This Asian chick I’ve seen at that location before, walked around so she could enter the row behind me. She elbow me in my neck, where I’m injured. I had to refrain bc I knew if I would’ve stood up and beat her flat face flatter, I would’ve been in jail. If I ever see her again…

  4. Y'all know what happened to the ppl who didn't help in China? Best ending ever.

    In a mountaineous road, 2 thugs got in a bus full of ppl in China. They started assaulting the female bus driver. A young man got up & yelled at the passengers to help, but they just watched. The young man tried to stop the thugs from taking the bus driver outside, but he was stabbed & lost consciousness. The passengers watched w/guilty pleasure as the woman was being ra ped.

    Thugs left after finishing… The female bus driver looked at the passengers & started to cry hugging the steering wheel. She was interrupted when the young man woke up & entered the bus. She cursed at him & threw his bag out. He left the bus & got a ride from a trucker.

    The young man told the trucker to stop the car, cuz he saw that the guard rail was demolished. He looked down the cliff & saw the crash landed bus. Everyone in the bus died. The Black box survived.

  5. I have watched so many videos of other races attacking Asian people yet we are constantly bombarded with news of whites hating Asians.

    Another problem is Defund the police. How’s that working for us?

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