Welcome to The Red Hook Projects in Brooklyn | NYC Hoods

Spending an evening in the famous Red Hook Projects of Brooklyn, New York.
Big shout out to my good people:
YO https://www.instagram.com/projectgod115/
Cuzzo https://www.instagram.com/8irdie_wit_the_roc/
Rolly da Big Loco https://www.instagram.com/rollydabigloco/
Mr. Rain https://www.instagram.com/mr.rain456/
TheRealJEWBOii https://www.instagram.com/thereal_jewboii/



  1. Lived in Redhook for many years and left almost 10 years ago. Its a great neighborhood. A lot of culture. At its root its a beautiful place. A lot of movies, shows, and music videos are filmed out there. Can find great food any time of the day. So many great people and just like NYC in general some larger than life personalities, i mean it the block is hilarious. Ack in the store is hilarious too and he makes some off the hook sandwiches. Sadly they buggin out there right now though and its a shame whats going on. We gotta do better ya. Its just sometimes the hood seems like it has a dark cloud over it. I saw it come together last year over a tragedy. It shouldnt have to be like that though. RIP Shock Los. Love.

  2. Its extremely pathetic how these dumbbells claim and assume is their neighborhood just because they Stand in the corner all month waiting to sell their EBT funds to support their habit. Some people will never grow up

  3. 💯We need to start snatching our youth up off the streets and teach them the value of God and self over money as well as provide a safe place for those who need it; before "they" put them in these prison processes and make them much worse "the letter people" Shout out (NuBreed Till The World Over). SMH. We need to "force our way into the industry and put out quality alternative uplifting music". If we don't encourage them, the enemy will discourage them. "No more Beat each other down slave mentality", No more ignoring our children because we refuse to put the t,v, or phone, "these idles" down because of our addiction to gossip, soap operas, lust, and even the addiction of handing our power over to the media. If we can't read "The Bible" with our children, "we need to learn how to do so, and put just as much energy into it as we put into trying to learn how to flip a few dollars". Men and Women, need to respect each other, or leave each other alone; "move around", If you are not respecting them or they are not respecting you, there is a problem. 'Stop going for it", You don't have to be fooled any longer. If you cant be trusted, why should you have trust? If you cant love, why should you be loved? If a person doesn't respect and admire you for you, "respect and admire yourself and make sure you posses those qualities to be admired and respected. Before you talk about somebody talk to somebody.💯G.B.y.i.J.N.a.T.B.o.J.f.y.a.y.f.a.f.

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