Welcome to the Westside of the Bronx | NYC Hood Vlogs

WE$TSIDE Parlé takes us inside Highbridge Projects in the Bronx
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  1. It's all good to be proud of where u from. But if it's this thing cause it's so tough living in your hood. The only one that can change it is the people living there. U wanna know what tough is. Waking up not knowing if ur gonna eat. Not having clean water to drink. Or washing ur clothes in a dirty river. No education. Hand made clothes. Diseases from dirty water. I can go on. These people claiming it's so hard. But got 200 dollar shoes on. And a roof over their head. Not living in mud house. Rolling up to a party drinking 40s listening to music and smoking blunts. Makes me sick. People acting they got it rough. But they can change it everyday. Oh we can learn to fight. Really. How bout I'll bring u out to get your own food so u can survive. Ain't no EBT out here. ACTING LIKE U GOT LIFE SO BAD. Do something bout it. If u live America..u got no excuses. U want something go get it. U don't wanna live somewhere. Move. No jobs. Please. They are all over. Problem is people are lazy. And don't wanna work. They want it handed to them. It's crazy to hear people ohh I live in such a bad neighborhood. U know why. People create this. People can change it to. They just wanna play the victim card. U can do so much with your life. Stop thinking its gonna be handed to u.

  2. Look I been In the Bronx 15 years The Bronx is cool if u mind your business and walk with respect but it can get real spooky if u violate that's a fact I live in Castle Hill, Walton Ave, E 177 on the Grand Concourse and Ogden Avenue In High Bridge do not visit if you don't know anybody or your not looking to uplift the people of these places I am a Bronx Resident and a Proud Adopted Resident of The Bx stay safe and respect to High Bridge generals showing the Heartbeat of the City

  3. I lived on cedar ave, near Fordham Rd, across the 207th st bridge, right next to the Major Deegan Expressway for almost 10 yrs. It was a really nice quiet neighborhood. Working class ppl. There were some houses across the st and everybody basically kept to themselves. Ppl would say Hi if they saw you in the st but there was never neighbors hanging out and making noise outside.
    Regards to all the latino and African American Brothers and Sisters in da Bronx from Puerto Rico.
    Be safe y'all.

  4. That’s crazy bruh living in cali we don’t got shit like that those views are beautiful only sf but fuck I wonder how many ppl fell off of dem buildings

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