What $1,000 can get You in NYC | 2020 Manhattan Apartment Tour!

Renting in NYC with a $1000 budget! See what you can get for 1k in Manhattan NYC. In this video we compare 2 nice apartments in 2 very different neighborhoods in Manhattan that each allow you to spend only $1000 per month in rent per person. Would you be able to live in one of these apartments? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I've been watching these videos for a few weeks now, and when he first said on anther vid, "this bedroom is huge, it's 10 x 11" I thought he was trying to be funny. On this one there are bedrooms just slightly larger than 7×7. I always thought my bedrooms were small at two that are 13×16, one 11×21, two 12×12, and another 12×17. But compared to New York, I guess not. Love these videos. Shows me a part of the world I'd never see otherwise.

  2. This video was great! Lots of info!

    I would definitely prefer the second apt., even though the second “bedroom” would function better as a retreat or workspace & a library.

    I really can’t imagine sharing in such a small space… too many years spent in a micro studio already! 😂
    Too bad I didn’t move to NYC in the beginning of the pandemic & when others were leaving and adjusting to the cost of living there would have been more manageable.

  3. Dear lord …I’m so thankful for setting my apartment in Oakland for less in the early 2000 it’s a mansion compared can’t imagine how people will live 10 more year from now oh wait…tenrs

  4. I've seen better deals in your other videos. The second place was actually nicer in some ways–I can't deal with a windowless bathroom, ugh, and the kitchen was bigger–but no living room?! That's nuts. I'd rent it for myself and use the small bedroom for an office, but man…no living room at all.
    I love the uptown setting, though.

  5. Hell no id never want to live there such a poor quality of life unless you are rich. Thats why most new yorkers ive met seem to always be mad looking lol

  6. Both apartments reminds me of two I've visited as a young girl. At that time I was told I would be given one of those apartments. That never happened. Finding my father who told me that is crazy. Hope I find something great when I get there.

  7. Hi, I've been watching your show for a while now and truly enjoy it! But si have to say, I pretty sure Los Angeles and most cities in California has New York beat on prices! And some, not as nice! Happy hunting!

  8. When you was a child how your mother lived she live in a high class apartment building with three bedrooms a large kitchen a large dining room and large living room and she had hallways space and she had a linen closet everything that some people are poor and the way you throwing it out there is like you don’t care about family watch the way you approach these apartments you say families can live here to

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