What $2500 gets YOU in Downtown Manhattan | NYC Apartment Tour

This is what it takes to find a nice apartment in NYC! We tour 2 different places so you can compare and pick the one you like better. Both are in lower manhattan’s east village by NYU, Union Square, Tompkins park and Astor Place. Great location overall but watch how things change drastically between these two units given their streets, buildings, and renovations! Which would you prefer?

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  1. Note to self..too much walkup..fire escape dangers..what is realistic? Cash maybe an educational on that would not be that stupid…how are they or are they not safe…when do you really need a prison inside door… Apartment one…2 if one floor up and less fire escape there…and fridge help getting into there..BUT being that high makes it sunny…so if a miracle on arthritis ans joint cure..or you could just transport oneself up..lol…it was fun anyway..so much to see and learn..thank you.

  2. The better apartment is definitely the first one! Seriously, how can you go wrong with the Russian Bath down the block? That second apartment’s idea for a kitchen is a joke! Yes, the bedroom is large however, the best thing about that apartment it is the “Bay” window! Who wants a “Flat” window when you can have a Bay window? 😂😉

  3. They're both nice but I much prefer the first one, in good part because of the kitchen being handsomer and much less cramped. The view is better on 10th St, & being one floor lower in a walkup, aside from the muscle-ache stairs, is far preferable to being right under the roof, which gets very hot in the summer.

  4. Quick ask, in future please check for efficient use of storage space under counter tops that have a corner (e.g.1st apartment). Check for. A. Lazy Susan or something similar.

  5. Apartment 1 is the best. The second one is nice but the kitchen wall should really be removed as it serves no purpose and it closes off the kitchen. I think what would be good instead of the wall is to put a folding breakfast counter this was you could leave it up or down depending on whether you want to eat at it or sue as a serving place. I am not sure about putting the entertainment equipment that close to the radiator!

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