Why it’s (mostly) illegal to drone in NYC

I’m an FAA-certified drone pilot, but there are four reasons I can’t fly drones in New York City:

1) FAA Part 107 says you can’t fly over people.
2) NYC Parks prohibit drones.
3) Most of NYC is Class B airspace.
4) City administrative code: “Drones are illegal”

But there are 5 New York City Parks where you CAN fly:

My new Indy Mogul show:
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The music I use is from Art List:

I fly with a Mavic Air: https://amzn.to/2GcNCKJ
Full list of equipment I use: http://griffinhammond.com/gear

I use AirMap to consult airspace restrictions:

NYC.gov Administrative Code on drones:

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  1. Are there exceptions if you’re an employee for a construction/real estate/journalism company? Given the use of drones in those industries, and the fact that New York is a major area for all three, there must be some kind of permit, or clearance that can be acquired for specific sites. Any info on that would be greatly appreciated

  2. Everything in NYC is illegal, I know I live here. This city is Turing to Chitz, Politicians love bullying people and making up laws as they go along.

    Why aren't Birds banned in NYC, they crash into building more than drones.

    I'm really starting to take a dislike to this NYC. Can't wait to be out of it. It's for the Sheep's that like to be owned.

  3. I enjoy your videos. Can you take a Drone Video of my home at Chicago Chinatown and video of Chicago Chinatown. My home address is:

    Nick Kwan

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  4. It’s an old City Regulation. Originally it was meant for other types of aircraft but because Drones are considered aircrafts the Regulation applies the same. The Regulation is in Sec. 10-126 of the New York City Administrative Code.

  5. Informative video but most of the parks are now member paid as well…such as flushing meadows…and worst is they are so small..but I guess better than not being able to fly.at all….so depressing.

  6. I see that you're showing Yonkers as a legal fly zone. Can anyone confirm flying in Yonkers, or crossing the hudson river from Yonkers with a DJI mavic mini to New Jersey is legal?

  7. Can't fly over people? well there goes that chase filmed basically only with drone shots or that shootout or fistfight shot only with drones! or that long cityscape plate shot

  8. Quick update on locations; Corona park is now paid membership as well. Forest park is just a BS 50ft. circle in a cemetery surrounded by tress, don't even bother going there.

  9. Terrorism BS Drones are illegal in NY city because of privacy concerns nothing else. We fly kites ,rc planes ,chinese lamps and there is millions of pigeons crows and doves crashing and shiting on every highrise building with out regards of regulations and no one ever give a shit until cameras started flying near their condo's .

  10. As liberal NYC is, this is probably the most restricted mega-cities in the world. And it sucks! Of course, there are exceptions, when the rules don't apply to …. well, if you watch the news you know. Let's just leave it at that….. 😛

  11. not to disregard the concern for terrorism or flight crashes due to droning, we should have regulation to fly if within a certain airspace. yeah I get it, nyc population is dense and imagine if just 1/4 of the population who can afford to have a drone had one? our overhead skies would be filled with them day and night. I mean they have technology for so much surveillance so why not create a frequency barrier that shuts the drone down to prevent a drone from reaching altitudes that could cause damage in airspace. I guess I put it out into the universe and someones got an idea already but that could be a solution instead of just basically just saying its federally regulated. how do we ever expect to get to the flying cars our school teachers said we would have by the year 2000… oh that was just fluff to keep our imaginations suspended in mid air.. .lol

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