Why New York Has So Many Rats – NYC Revealed

New York has long been known as one of the rattiest cities in America with some estimating close to 2 million rodents roam its streets. Both city workers and residents have been waging a never-ending battle against these four-legged fiends. Here is how New York City rats out its rodents.

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  1. I’ve been to every major city in this country and NY city and the surrounding areas are without question the most disgusting place I’ve ever visited. If not for business reasons, I would never return. They should nuke the entire state just to be safe.

  2. Because we keep feeding them: food carts, make shift restaurants outside now, and litter. It's not rocket science. If the food carts were removed and the outside restaurants remove, we would not have a problem. Stop playing stupid, leaders.

  3. Thanks Europeans for importing them yet people still pay high mortgages in that filthy city I rather pay a fraction of the price in another state or a foreign country and live in piece without a rat infestation.

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