⁴ᴷ⁶⁰ JFK Airport to Midtown Manhattan, NYC via AirTrain & Subway – Raw & Unedited

Google Maps Route: https://goo.gl/maps/TPBkQNfRf9MhSciB6

In this raw & unedited video, I travel from JFK Airport Terminal 5 (JetBlue Terminal) to Midtown Manhattan. I explain travel tips, how to purchase a MetroCard for the public transportation system, show the transit options, and also list the factors why taking alternative routes may be better than the AirTrain & subway.

At 18:40 the correct prices for Unlimited MetroCards are as follows:
7 Day Unlimited MetroCard – $33.00 (More cost effective if you plan on taking more than 12 trips)
30 Day Unlimited MetroCard – $127.00 (More cost effective if you plan on taking more than 46 trips)

2:40 – Exiting JFK Terminal 5
4:38 – Explaining the AirTrain system
5:30 – Public Buses & Taxis from Terminal 5 (Q10 Bus, B15 Bus, Q3 Bus)
7:05 – Terminal 5 AirTrain Station
10:05 – Boarding the Jamaica AirTrain
18:50 – Explaining the Unlimited MetroCards
19:45 – Explaining the “18 Minute MetroCard cooldown” on Unlimited MetroCards and 4 person limit for Pay-Per-Ride MetroCard
22:30 – Exiting the AirTrain at Jamaica Station
23:20 – MetroNews stand – MetroCards available to purchase but cash only! (This avoids the $1.00 new card fee)
23:45 – Trying to buy a MetroCard to exit but then giving up because the line is too long
25:05 – Paying for the AirTrain with MetroCard
25:40 – Showing an AirTrain MetroCard vending machine
26:53 – The credit card/debit card “Zip Code” workaround for international travelers
27:45 – Long Island Railroad Jamaica Station ($10.75 for Peak Hours on Weekdays and $7.75 for Off-Peak Hours on Weekends)
30:30 – Entering the Sutphin Boulevard – Archer Avenue – JFK Airport (E)(J)(Z) Subway Station
30:50 – I try to buy a MetroCard but someone threatens to “break my shit”. I defuse the situation by walking away and enter the subway system, making sure he isn’t following me)
32:05 – Explaining the MetroCard hustlers at the Sutphin Boulevard – Archer Avenue – JFK Airport (E)(J)(Z) Subway Station
32:40 – I board the E Train going the wrong direction
34:20 – Riding the Manhattan bound E Train (The correct direction)
49:50 – Jackson Heights – Roosevelt Avenue Station
1:04:35 – Exiting the Lexington Avenue – 53rd Street Subway Station (First Stop in Manhattan)

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  1. I have a question …. So in order to go the correct way .. should we go down to the other level to go in the other direction or get on the train on the right hand side ? bc you said you got on the wrong train and that was to the left .

  2. Does the train stop at Grand Central Station just before it stops at Penn Station? Does Amtrak stop at Penn St. as well as Grand Central St.? I want to take Amtrak to Albany and was wondering where it is best to catch Amtrak without a lot of walking.

  3. Thanks for doing these videos….I'm going to Anime NYC this year, first time ever to visit NYC. I plan on taking the LIRR from Jamaica because my hotel is, in fact, not far from Penn Station….and I noticed that feature of the MTA/LIRR mobile app (buy ticket on your phone), and that is my Plan "A" for the upcoming trip.

  4. I've got a quick question, if I buy a new MetroCard to exit the AirTrain, can I then use the same card and "reload" it at the subway station with an unlimited ride pass, or do I need to purchase a new physical card?

  5. Usually people who don’t want to be taped are people who don’t want to be found – – such as fugitives from the law or perhaps have a death warrant on them …

  6. every time I see a video of someone arrived in Manhattan, I always have the urge to shout "WE'LL MEET AGAIN…… SPIDER-MAAAAAAAANNNNNNN!!!!!"

  7. The mosaic at the Citigroup Center station is amazing to look at! It’s called Passing Through and it’s by the artist Al Held. A lot of his art is brightly colored and intricate like that one.

  8. Thanks for your video I only been to New York for two hours on my way back to Virginia near North Carolina that fucking talk to told you to turn off the camera I don’t like cameras on me either but there’s no sense in being that way we can expect from someone from someplace called Jamaica you’re the bigger person

  9. That’s why I like the words I’d rather put up a wild animals and people I tried to be your friend and one of my friends tried to screw me over so they’re blocked from now on don’t trust anyone don’t worry about that Jerk probably a crackhead or an alcoholic

  10. Thanks from New Zealand, love the videos the airport is massive and great to see shots of the suburbs of New York state ( I'm guessing) the whole ticketing process seemed confusing but educational if I ever get to NY I'm now a little wiser.

  11. Hello NEW YORK My family and I are very happy and proud of being x new Yorkers now in Cali we have a 4 1/2 almost 5 hr lay over and wish to pay our respect to all my brothers and sisters fallen 911 and would love to make a quick visit to world's ground zero for a prayer a picture with my family than quickly return back to JFK think it could be done..we land on a Tuesday 720am ..and thank you God bless NEW YORK and it's people please..

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