Chinese Guys Try NYC's Worst Rated Chinese Restaurant

So I brought my Chinese friend and a Chinese stranger we found on the subway in NYC to try the absolute WORST rated American Chinese restaurant in NYC, as judged by Yelp (1 star review!). The result was pretty epic. We got all the American Chinese food classics like lo mein, egg drop soup, sweet and sour soup, kung pao chicken, and of course, General Tso’s chicken. Totally different from authentic Chinese food but still nice in its own way — right??? Until we came here!

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  1. Imagine having almost 5 million subscribers and still being so nice and caring to your fans that you actually let them come along with you in a video because they said they watch you. Xiaoma doesn't let the fame get to his head. He's just genuinely a really nice guy. Big fan.

  2. I'm sure the bad reviews influenced their reaction. It couldn't have been that bad, especially when in another video he unwittingly swallowed paan and called it good lol.

  3. I could be wrong bur I feel like Americanized Chinese food lacks the fresh ginger and sesame oil which makes authentic chinese food taste so good…

  4. This is just dumb. "tastes" like water and then makes an ugly face, does water taste that bad. Water should not taste anything? lmao, make a decent review and not for views. This is just a video for views. #YAWN

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