Downtown Brooklyn Dash – Stocks and Crypto – Do you DABBLE? Ducati Monster NYC Vloggy Vlog v1413

I been dabblnig with the ol’ stocks for 2 decades now and crypto for the last 5 years or so. Lots of ups, lots of downs. Plenty of lessons of the financial kind. I even recently started mining. Heck – why not. But enough about me – what about you? Have you ever played with crypto/stocks? Let me know below what you’re playing with. I’m curious. As always, thank you all for the love, for comments and for all the interactions. Leave a comment – I reply to them all. I’m so happy the good weather is making a return, we might have gotten over the vicious winter afterall. Ride safe all and if you read this far let me hear you say “crout trout”

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Intro Directed by Gianluca Miotto

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  1. I started investing in my early 20s, many decades ago. I still do today though a lot of it managed or invested in managed funds. I bought into Canadian weed stocks about year prior to the legalization. Lots of ups and downs but the 1ststock I bought and my biggest position was/is Canopy Growth so I am not unhappy. But the others were more hit or miss. But be careful, this industry has a low barrier to entry. I stay away from crypto currencies. Don't really get it. – why governments would tolerate it, not why people would want such a thing. I'd rather go play craps in Vegas. At least I understand the rules of that game and I get free drinks too!

  2. I play with market downturns. A great example was when the market tanked last Feb/Mar. Great opportunity to make a few bucks. I use Vanguard and made a few tech mutual fund purchases back then. Have also played a bit with Chinese EV stocks. They’re super volatile so i watch for them to dip also, then buy. They’ve always recovered so far.

  3. Краут траут! Я и говорю, трэш везде в Нюерке, страшно смотреть! Хахаха, Особенно этот Домино парк, сколько заморочек. Вот в России, там все продумано, взяли все заасфальтировали, травы накидали, три куста воткнули, денег достаточно подняли – ну любо-дорого смотреть! Через год переделывать можно, снова бюджет выделят. Ну ей Богу, эти американцы как маленькие дети, хоть бы учились у умных людей что ли? (Это мой сарказм)
    Ну про инвестиции никто откровенно не скажет… Но могу сказать, что крипту пока только для расчетов использую, если надо. А акции я держу американские только и на много лет вперед, и то, только в пределах налогового вычета ежегодно пополняю.
    А на почте можно снимать щас? Они же типа "федеральные агенты" хахахахаха! Даже парковку оккупировали.

  4. started investing in crypto in late 2017 , buying a 13 rx 470 mining rig to mine ETH. All ETH i mined was conversed to BTC. Still mine now with only 4 gpu's.

  5. Actually have a 8 gpu mining rig running in my apartment here in NY. But this 0.29kwph electric cost is a bit of a turn off. 5 rtx3090s with 3 rtx2070 supers makes around $50 a day after electric its more like $40 a day. it fluctuates alot tho

  6. Man I wish that I didn't sell off my crypto a couple years ago. I need to play the long-term. At the moment, I just have Doge in Robinhood haha… however, I've got Coinbase which I used to use all the time, more specifically Coinbase Pro. I had a wallet with Bittrex or something and I lost my authentication keys and whatnot, so there goes some money…. whoops! Well I can't remember exactly what I had in that wallet either. Anyway, I only have Doge at the moment but I do want to get back into alt-coin crypto again. I have some stocks through Robinhood but I think I'm going to go through a different broker eventually.

  7. I noticed that the larger channels tend not to respond to comments. I enjoy being a smaller channel and being able to respond and chat with everyone. I've got some crypo but got locked out of all my accounts for like months.. It took forever to get them unlocked so I could do stuff.

  8. Wow. Two weeks without vlogging? I know that had to be rough for someone who likes to ride no matter what. Looking at the snow on the ground I still wouldn't be riding just yet but that's what I luv about this channel. 🙂

  9. I just started to get into investing a year ago I’m invested in CCIV at the moment, I also catch a lot of flack for using Robin Hood app. Keep up the great Vloggy Vlogs. They are always entertaining.

  10. I use Wealth Simple and Questrade in Canada. I used Shakepay and Newton for crypto trading. We're at the start of crypto so it's nice to get in early. If I was in America I wouldn't use Robinhood that for sure.

  11. Glad to hear you kept that GME. It went up 100% yesterday when the cfo departes. Regarding other things… I don't expect your vlogs every day but when I do see them it's like catching it up an old friend so I appreciate them.

  12. You don't replay all the comments!!!
    You're the most egocentric you tuber
    Nah!! Just kidding you're so kind I love your videos

    Sorry if I had grammar errors, I'm from Spain haha.

  13. I haven't gotten into crypto yet, but I'm looking to at some point this year. I'm kind of a financial amateur and am focused on maxing out retirement savings this year first

  14. After the financial crisis, many moons ago, I’ve been very risk averse. Mostly bonds for the first few years, and then all in in the stock market for some years now. That’s been a nice ride.
    Been thinking about starting to slowly buy into the crypto market, just not right now.

  15. It looks damn cold your way brother. So ride carefully with all that slushy snow. Now as to investing. I used to hold some stocks but I sold it all and made some good money.. Now that I am retired my Superanuation is invested in the market. A mix of Australian and international shares, and thankfully its working mostly well as it creates my income going forwards. However, personally currently I don’t otherwise invest in stocks etc. Bitcoin etc – nah. I don’t trust the crypto thing.

    Certainly, the stock market is gambling but if you do your homework you can do well. You just need to be careful and be aware that you can loose. Mind you given the virtually non existent interest rates from banks, finding what’s good to invest in makes sense..

  16. Love the vloggy vlogs, big bro! I was starting to miss them. The weather has been bad in the city, but these past few days have been gorgeous in the 40s.
    And I've been investing for 2 years. But I still have a lot to learn.

  17. I’ve been putting my money into mortgage reit as well as high divided low volatility etfs for long term investments. For weekly cash flow I’ve started getting involved in put credit spreads on spy

  18. Alway love the videos and the stream of conscious talking & everyone else does to. James Joyce: Ulysses, which is considered to be one of the greatest bookies ever written in the English language is all written in steam of consciousness, just like people think and speak externally and internally. It makes it a hard read but easy to read aloud type of book. Your videos are doing the same thing and speak with such clarity, honesty and humor, all while navigating motorcycle riding thru Brooklyn & Manhattan! It’s simply amazing! Just keep doing you, your videos rock, and everyone can relate to yer comments “bro what are you doing!” Moments… your videos inspired me to ride in the city!

  19. Many years ago, I regularly invested smaller amounts and the result was not much. I ended everything. So now I only invest in my own life, experiences, friends, entertainment, etc. Of course I still have to calculate, but the freedom is priceless. I am a fresh pensioner – just great 🙂 :-). I wish only health, satisfaction, good friends and beer and especially peace and quiet :-). I don't need more :-).

  20. I do on a very small scale and have for years. I just got into those stocks you mentioned, but I've been into all kinds of stuff over the years. I'm pretty sure I've lost more than I've gained as I have the worst timing in the world! I use TD Ameritrade mainly because they bought the brokerage I used to use. But it's fun for me — I don't invest with money that I can't afford to lose (so it's very little).

    By the way, I absolutely love your channel. I've raced bicycles for decades, but just started riding a motorcycle a few months ago. I'm already hooked. I also love NYC, so your videos are like crack for me!

  21. I started getting more into investments later in life, I wish I would have started earlier. Its a love/hate thing but I want to retire as soon as possible and live outside the prison of work so financial planning is a thing.

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