Driving to Downtown Manhattan and to Queens, NYC

Saturday, January 28th, 2017 – Started from 8th and 50th ave, drove down 7th ave, through Times Square and towards downtown, made a left on Grand St, and cut across little Italy and Chinatown. Then proceeded back up to Midtown Manhattan via 1st Ave. Encountered miserable traffic going through the 1st ave tune by the United Nations. Drove back to Hells Kitchen, then proceeded east bound on 59th st towards the Queenboro bridge. Crossed into Long Island City and Queens, drove around a bit on Northern Blvd in Queens, stopped by Home Depot and before heading back to Midtown Manhattan.



  1. Hi man, I was wondering how do you use the Gopro as a dashcam? With your SD cards, and what about the automatic recording? Ty mate.

  2. man, it gets weird to watch this vids in the US cause, being an european, we kinda have the traffic lights "before" the crossroad and not "after", like in the US… so, because of the nature of the vid, it kinda gives that feeling youre driving (or in) the car and thats weird cause it plays tricks with your mind!!! if i would ever drive there, then it would be very hard to get use to it cause, on a red light, i would just keep driving and would only stop just below the street signs, like we do here 🙂

  3. This and the walking videos are the coolest thing on you tube!!!! I sit close to my tv and feel like I'm there!!!!!! Thanks for the idea!!!!!!

  4. Kevin maybe you don't believe me but I watched all this video. Just want to say thanks because I  think it's beautiful and very interesting. It's been like I was there with you visiting the most incredible city in the world! Thank you very much from Milan,Italy.

  5. That bike lane they created between the sidewalk and parked cars is the most ridiculous idea I could think of for a roadway, that's coming from a experience 3 and 1/2 year bike messenger. Chicago started doing that shit because New York did, and It's nonsense. For what good reason? To put bikers in a narrow path right against a curb that is also the dirtiest, most trashed part of the road. Let someone even look like their about to walk in front of you while you're biking, hit that curb to avoid them and tell me how it feels sliding down the most fucked up part of the road. Pedestrians give no fucks. They'll keep on their merry way and not look back after they caused you to crash. Trust me!

  6. Too many people double-parked when there's a spot right open right next to them, people changing lanes in the intersections, not using turn signals, all kinds of bikers running red lights. A bunch of vehicles half in your lane, or just simply using two lanes at the same time for damn sake. They're over there changing lanes over solid white lines. You got cars blocking intersections. Taxis stopped and no stopping zones. Almost every block there was a good reason to give one or more drivers a ticket if they wanted to. The worst part about Chicago was people that felt like they could cross the street anytime they thought it was clear.

  7. Drivers and bikers there give no fucks just like I expected to see. I drove a taxi in Chicago for 8 years 2002-2010, we managed the chaos much better than what I just saw in this video for sure.

  8. rush hour traffic in los angeles on the west side is worse. the line at stop lights is considerably LONGER[lengthwise]. and people in LA drive like they dont have anywhere to go. they REALLY fuck up the flow of traffic. new york drivers are a bit aggressive but EFFICIENT. i dont know about everyone there having to buy bull bars for sedans and vans? are yall ramming eachother there?

  9. Wonderful. Im from Ireland and I have never been to America but id love to go sometime in my life. Have a healthy , happy an peaceful new year sir. X 🍀🗽

  10. Отлично, но звон бутылок на скорости, и тишина радио в середине – смотреть трудно…

    Great, but the jingling of bottles at speed, and the silence of the radio in the middle – it's hard to watch …

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