How New York Rebuilt The World Trade Center – NYC Revealed

The Twin Towers were icons on the New York skyline. Then, in the course of one September morning, they were gone. What followed was more than two decades of competing visions and continual setbacks that finally culminated in the city’s newest landmark.

Join Cheddar & CuriosityStream as we explore the unique histories and modern challenges, defining the future of each of New York City’s one-of-a-kind infrastructure systems, in NYC Revealed.

Watch 13 minute versions here on Cheddar’s YouTube page. You can also watch the full 24 minute episodes on CuriosityStream and on Cheddar’s live network.

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  1. Ee zu einem persönlichen Daten behandeln wir zu Hause aus arbeiten die Arbeit kann gern die Tage noch einmal die Woche vom zt mit zwei Personen und Einträge Netz von Avast die Arbeit im Team und ich werde mich morgen früh noch einmal die

  2. It’s sad that the response to the attacks was far worse than anything the terrorists did that day

    The USA slaughtered women and children by the thousands and covered it up and tortured hundreds of people and looked up hundreds without ever charging any with crimes …the middle is destroyed and destabilized because of the disaster response and 20 years war costing trillions that WE NEVER WON …

  3. Didn’t watch the video, I’m a New Yorker born and raised. 9/11 didn’t happen. Fake news. the towers are still up, as you can see in my irrefutable evidence the 1988 film “Coming to America” starring Edward Regan Murphy and Daniel Edward Ackroyd. Everyone knows buildings can’t/ don’t fall.

    Lol no seriously 9/11 was one of the scariest times for an 12 year old me. The smoke trailed eastward in the sky over my building in Brooklyn for 11 days after that. I quite miss that view going to bed at night.

  4. As a NYer I was actually working in VA at the time when it happened. I immediately called all my family to check on them. Some could see the smoke from their houses. Driving on the sky seem eerie not seeing any planes in the sky flying around. I still get emotional when I see the video and I still get emotional every time I go down to the reflecting polls. There is tremendous energy there

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