How to take the NYC subway from Laguardia Airport to Times Square in Manhattan in 2020

Follow me as I take public transportation to Times Square in Manhattan from Laguardia airport in Queens. I’ll take the Q70 Laguardia Link bus which connects LGA directly to the Jackson Heights Roosevelt Avenue station where I transfer to the R train, but you can also transfer to the E, M, F, or 7 trains at the same station. You can get a free downloadable guide of all these steps to use while you’re here at:

Video was shot on an iPhone 6S with an Osmo Mobile



  1. Going to NYC next month alone. This video will save me a lot of hassle . Thanks for taking the time to explain and walk us through it.

  2. Dude. This was sooo helpul. Thank you! That extra step of getting a paper ticket before getting on the Q. Never wuda known that.

  3. My gf and I used this last year. We are relatively familiar with the subway in Manhattan but she hated lugging her suitcase up and down the steps from Roosevelt Ave and I kept telling her think of the money we're saving? She offered to pay for the rented car herself on the day of departure. When I fly back by myself I will retrace the steps of this video.

  4. I followed your instructions perfectly and my gf was exhausted by this trip but I was only empowered by the savings. . I loved it. She opted to pay for a car service back to the airport. I felt cheated.

  5. Even if you're not flying to LGA, there is a way to get to Manhattan for as low as $2.75, the cost of a Subway ticket, from JFK, or $4.35 from EWR.

    To get from JFK to Manhattan:
    1. If you aren't already at Terminal 5, take the AirTrain there (no fare required between terminals).
    2. At Terminal 5, board the MTA Q10 Bus and take it to Lefferts Blvd & Liberty Ave.
    3. Transfer to the A Train (it's a free transfer) at Ozone Park-Lefferts Blvd. The A Train goes nearly the entire length of Manhattan from the Financial District to Inwood.

    To return to JFK from Manhattan:
    1. Take the A Train to Ozone Park-Lefferts Blvd. Note that there are multiple A Train routes. You want the one to Ozone Park-Lefferts Blvd, NOT Rockaway Park-Beach 116th St or Far Rockaway-Mott Ave.
    2. Transfer to the Q10 Bus (it's a free transfer) at Lefferts Blvd & Liberty Ave (right outside the station), and take it to JFK Terminal 5.
    3. If you're flight isn't in Terminal 5, take the AirTrain (free between terminals) to your terminal.

    To get from EWR to Manhattan:
    1. From any terminal, take the NJ Transit Bus 62 to Newark Penn Station. The fare is $1.60.
    2. At Newark Penn Station, transfer to the PATH train. The fare is $2.75 and accepts MetroCards. Take the PATH to its eastern terminus at World Trade Center in Downtown Manhattan, in which you can transfer to the Subway to get you anywhere you need to go.

    To return to EWR from Manhattan:
    1. At World Trade Center, take the PATH train to Newark Penn Station.
    2. At Newark Penn Station, transfer to NJ Transit Bus 62 to EWR.

    I highly recommend you make a video for EWR and JFK, so no matter which airport you're flying from, you can get to Manhattan for under $5.

  6. Excellent, easy to understand "how-to" video, and exactly what I was planning on doing. Q70 to the R train. As someone who hasn't taken the bus or subway in NYC since the days of tokens, I found the information on the Metrocard and the Q70 very helpful. Thanks!

  7. So if I buy an unlimited 7 day ticket on a metro card, the trip as you describe it in the video will be covered by that card, correct? I already have a metro card so can I refill it with the 7 day unlimited or do I need a new card? The original card does have a balance on it.

  8. I followed your instructions and they were fantastic! I got to Times Square without any issues. I just wanted to add one thing to help viewers: if you want to purchase a metro card at LaGuardia with cash only, you have to buy a card at Hudson which is a few steps away from these machines at Terminal B.

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