Inside A $100M NYC Apartment On Billionaires’ Row

Inside A $100M NYC Apartment On Billionaires’ Row.

This apartment is located at One57 on Billionaires’ Row and owned by Michael Dell, founder and CEO of the company of the same name. In 2014 the multi-billionaire decided to purchase this apartment with a splendid view of Central Park for $100 Million making it the most expensive apartment ever sold in NYC.

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  1. An apartment
    Or enough land to essentially live in your own county, have an estate built on said property AND you don’t have to live in the shithole of New York City.

  2. I have a $10 billion view from the sundeck of my home overlooking 795 acres of BC wilderness.
    the only indication of any other people, is the barely discernible smoke form a neighbour's chimney, 3 miles away.
    The sound of any automobile is very rare, as is the sound of aircraft.
    Other people are welcome & they usually do not look forward to returning to the noise, smell & the inconvenience of city living.

  3. The modem look is so ugly and makes things look cheap and uncomfortable. If I was spending crazy money the only thing modern I would want is electronics and appliances.

  4. I have a 4,400 sq ft house, with 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, living room, gym, library, kitchen, storage room, swimming pool, green house, on a 1/2 of land with banana trees, mango trees, papaya trees, in the foothills above Panama City in Panama. I paid $125,000 – I'm a mile from the highway, it's quiet and peaceful. No Proud Boys, no Oath Keepers, no riots, no demonstrations. I cry myself to sleep every night because I'm not smart enough to live on billionaires row in NYC. I miss the vibration of the building as the rabble tries to crash into the ground floor with siege weapons. One of the worlds great sounds. Then there's sea level rise, the fact that your power, water, and food travel a great distance to get to your dead tower on a dead island in a dying nation. It's like buying an Andy Warhol painting. It's a photocopy for the gullible.

  5. Actually, for the same price i'd rather have a gigantic French chateau + thousands of acre of land .
    (inlcuding a monumental pool etc.) I'd feel more like a king than a succesful trader 😎👑

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