Is the East Village Worth It? |  NYC Neighborhood Guide

Manhattan’s East Village is Hyped, but is it Over-Hyped? Learn the Pro’s and Con’s of living in one of New York City’s most popular downtown locations, as well as what you should expect if you rent an apartment in this amazing neighborhood. After watching this you should have a better idea of where to live in New York City!

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  1. Good video.
    Please do a video comparing/contrasting the East Village with the West Village. I'm much more familiar with the West Village — it's where my favorite restaurant, Sevilla on Charles Street, is located — and I'd be interested to see a comparison of the two neighborhoods.

  2. I remember staying with my brother in the area when he was going to school there in the mid-late 90s. There were 5 of us in a cramped 2 bedroom. The neighborhood was… definitely not that nice back then. I need a wheelchair now so those old walk ups are in my past now. But it's nice to see the East Village again, even if it's on YouTube.

  3. As a resident of the East Village, I loved your video.
    The amenities truly depend on which building you are in.
    The area is beautiful, quiet, peaceful almost tranquil like feel, with lots of fine dining, lounges, bars,
    you can be sitting on your balcony or in a park and have the feeling that you are in the Poconos while being in the heart of the city.

    The East Village is truly Glamorous and no part of NYC can come close to all it has to offer.

  4. my school says we may be back in spring ( I go to new school ) so I'm hoping for a studio! I've been saving up for a few years so I think I can manage

  5. Ayyy sweet you did a great job explaining how it is in the east village as a alphabet city resident I loved how ya explained the vide you get when you were at Tompkins square park

  6. I just moved out of the East Village, but I will say this is pretty accurate. Awesome location, very lively on the weekends. The buildings are very old and somewhat lacking.

  7. Cash do you have a link to some of your videos of upper Eastside…..or maybe upper west side… someone who has always lived on upper east side and south bronx…..the upper west side is a sheer mystery!

  8. Excellent! Thanks for a very informative video in under 7 minutes. Really liked the exterior bldg clue of not having elevators. The park looked lovely.

  9. Monday upload – Cash, you're keeping us on our toes! Well I love the EV…thanks for a very positive video. Transportation is however a big issue; I'll do anything to avoid Union Square, and Alphabet city is a subway deadzone for sure. Not to mention the security issues. Parts of the neighborhood are very neighborhood-y, but the issue of bros has become even more acute with outdoor dining (like on Avenue B). Nonetheless, EV is my first choice!

  10. Great information. And I think you've managed to find the worst kitchen ever. That's not even a wall of appliances – just a nook of appliances. Bwhahahhaha

  11. You made some excellent points! All of the buildings in that area are past retirement age but that doesn't mean they are good buildings. They are well-built. They just don't quite have all the amenities.
    That is what makes New York unique it's many small towns under one umbrella. If you don't like one section moved to the other. And if you can't afford it I guess you have to move out LOL. Thank you for your great research and for all your great knowledge.

  12. How long is the walk from Alphabet city, or maybe Thompkins square park, to a train line? And is there anywhere to safely secure a bike in these buildings, or if you are living on the 6th floor does that mean carrying your bike up a whole bunch of stairs everyday? Love the channel so much 🙂

  13. Lived on 1st Ave and 9th for a hot minute back in 2013 and loved the east village BUT it was a bit of a walk to get home from the train. I can’t imagine alphabet city being fun to walk home to after a night of a few ..sprites.

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