New Amsterdam: The Dutch Trading Post that Became NYC

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Host – Simon Whistler
Author – Ben Adelman
Producer – Jennifer Da Silva
Executive Producer – Shell Harris

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  1. Simon, I think it would be great to do a second episode on the Dutch and their trade posts… and the history as the following city emerged and grew to what it is today…I'm speaking about the southern tip of Africa, with the flat mountain looking like a table, the great melting pot of Arabs, Jews, Dutch, Huguenots, Germans, English, and the Khoi San. Cape Town.

    This would be awesome if you could do it…
    Love your channels, they are great…

  2. The English that settled at Plymouth, MA in 1620 were directed to land at the mouth of the Hudson River to build their settlement. They missed. The Dutch yelled 'DIBS!' and the rest is history!

  3. colony was called new nederland, of which the settlement new amsterdam was the capital.
    Netherlands claimed the land between the 38th and 45th parallels on the east coast, as a colony. not just manhattan
    what is now roughly New York, New Jersey and Delaware.

  4. Recently did my ancestry and dna. I have slaves and slave owners in my family tree. I live in New York. I see Mostly 10th great grandparents from Netherlands , Guinea , and Angola. So this is interesting to me

  5. Consider if sweden haden't been so cought up in wars in eastern europe in 1655. I'm pretty sure they could have relocated some forces to Philadelphia and conquered New york instead. Instead the Dutch used the total power vaacum those years to expand instead. I still think the Dutch presence was amazing. We tend to forget that it was the dutch who taught swedes to build weapons.

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