Finally! The New York Subway EXPLAINED! In this NYC Guide from a local licensed tour guide, we make riding the subway easy!

In this guide we will:

*Learn why most New Yorkers prefer the subway over a cab or Uber.
*How to buy a subway ticket
*Which subway ticket option is best for you
*How to swipe a subway card
*How to navigate the subway system
*How to get where you are going
*The best apps to use for the subway
*How to stay SAFE on the subway
*Which subway cars to avoid
*How to look like a local on the train.


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The NYC subway trains can take you to all five boroughs of New York City! Public transportation in NYC can be a little tricky, so I’m excited to share my guide about how to use subway in NYC! Understanding the difference between uptown and downtown, knowing how to buy a subway card, and which card is best for you are just some of the tips about how to use subway in New York city that you’ll in this video! After you know how to use public transportation and how to buy metrocard, you’ll be an official card carrying New Yorker! Soon you’ll be telling all your friends how to ride public transportation in NYC!

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  1. Very, very wonderful video, Megan. Incredibly informative and so extremely well presented. Your personality adds so much. You are sweet, bubbly, gregarious and funny. And so pretty.

  2. Megan, The "Different Looking Map" at the 13 minute mark is actually the old iconic "Vignelli" Map Theat was the standard NYC Subway Map in some form or other from 1967-1979 All the lines even had their own individual colors up until '79. Ibelieve inthe last 18 months the MTA has reincorporating the Vignelli Map into their app as you zoom in on a particular trunk line. There's a bunch of interesting videos about the evolution of the map and cool books as well. Check out "Helvetica and the New York City Subway System"

  3. My wife and I are getting ready for our first trip to NY, and we love your videos! You have the best personality 🙂 and we just wanted to say thanks!

  4. As a newly turned local, this was super helpful because I am very reliant on Google Maps 😅😅 definitely wish that the monthly pass could be added to Apple Pay but we'll just have to keep waiting for that! Also have learned that hard way that if you swipe at one station, realize you were going towards the wrong direction, leave and swipe again, you'll get declined unless you wait a certain amount of time. But for what it's worth, the subway is worth it 99% of the time!

  5. And if you want to pay with cash, make sure you are not putting a $50 bill there if you want to buy a single ticket! It kept asking us if we want to buy the pass and we wouldn’t understand why the hell it didn’t gives our ticket🤣

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