NYC VLOG: Downtown Lunch Date! ♥ | Ellko

Follow me around as I hop on the subway to meet some friends on Wall Street for lunch! Thumbs up for more Vlogs! 🙂

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xo Ellie

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  1. Also I totally know that your husband is super supportive of your youtube career, and he is so sweet, but I love the face he makes when he gets on camera. Like, "Ah no not this again. facepalm" xD

  2. Wow this was actually a little nostalgic for me! I didn't grow up in NY, but I did live in NJ and have a lot of family there, so I used to visit NYC every time I went to visit them, which was like two or three times a year. So this was surprisingly pleasant in a way I didn't expect, heehee. Thank you so much for sharing your day with us! ^_^

  3. Omg I had to subscribe I've never seen an awesome YouTuber who also lives in NYC! 😍
    Now I get to see familiar locations in your vlogs 💖

  4. Just wondering why did u quit your job? Your old work place looks like a fun place to work in haha! I love you blog so much! Please do more!

  5. I loved watching your vlog I hope your doing well! I loved the vlog and seeing you show your old
    Work place it looks amazing! And I love sushi! Haha you know I'm not too far from NY I LIVE IN Massachusetts! So your my neighbor. Hopefully not this year because I will be moving to a house but next year I want to go to imats in NY So hopefully I willl see you there!

  6. Well this was SO fun. Thanks for showing us around the city! Okay here's an out-there idea, but one of my friends is going to college in NY and she's like 40 min outside the city. Butttt what I was thinking is that she and I have been talking about me taking a trip to go see her up there sometime soon ish and what if you and I could meet on that trip too?!? Okay maybe I'm just dreaming, but it would be SO COOL. And that sushi just made me very very hungry. 

  7. Well, I was looking forward to see this video and now I'm like… omg, idk… i just love it soooo much . <3 You were definitely right, I like this "around the city" video. How can I be thankful enough with you??? 🙂 Much love from Italy <3

  8. Dang how many subway trains did you take!? I wouldnt know how or which ones to take i swear i would get so lost and just ride the subway all day long! haha. Ive seen that bull in some movies and im pretty sure they make it come alive and try to kill people each time ive seen it hahaha! Yum sushi!!!!! I need to go to NYC damn it!!! I want to see more of these!! They are great!! Love ur face lover!!! xoxo

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