NYC Winter Night Snowfall – Manhattan, New York 4K HDR

New York l Snowy Night Walk in Midtown Manhattan New York City
Filmed on January 2021

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3 a.m. –
Heavy Rain –
Thunderstorm –
Rainstorm –
Central Park –

Rainy Day in Manhattan –
New York City Ambience at Night –

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  1. I watch all the other walkers but yours are so different,atmospheric, beautifully shot. I don’t have the right technical words, but I really appreciate your work.

  2. Snow in NYC is quickly disappearing due to climate change.

    By 2100 there will probably be less than 2 days a year producing 1 inch of snow and by 2121 there will be no snow and NYC weather will be more like the Carolinas.

    Unless we have massive education campaigns and global cooperation, and sharing of economic and human resources thrown at solving manmade climate change.

    The biggest challenges in the way of that is far right wing political extremists especially in Russia and the US, and huge developing countries with little to no environmental regulation (India and China).

    These 4 nations are the keys to either relieving or exacerbating climate change.

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  4. Beautiful video. I haven't went outside my country India but I visited NYC without aeroplane or passport becoz of this video. Thanks for sharing ❤️

  5. 6:45 either she's extremely rich or famous or both. comes out with a handful of shopping bags and has two guys pick her up, open the door for her, and takes her bags for her

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