It’s been a while but we FINALLY made our return to the legendary FORBIDDEN PLANET in downtown NYC! So many Marvel Legends, Star Wars Black Series, Hot Toys, vintage toys and more!

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  1. This place must have one hell of a theft problem because they have some stuff in glass cases that have no reason to be there.

  2. Hey bro looking slick lol, they had a lot of really great figures and statues if I ever get to NY gonna check them out, great video and stay safe 🤘🏻

  3. You are looking NYC, and the tunes sound NYC. I can almost smell the Drakkar. Oh wait, that's Jersey. What's NYC smell like these days? Street food and urine? Lol. Great stuff as always.

  4. That jacket tho… 🔥 lol. I think Mego had an exclusive Batman, maybe Keaton batman if I can remember right… 🤔 Nice hunt, A couple of my friends actually go to the store. They speak highly of it.

  5. Thanks for letting us tag along! Looks like an awesome place to spend a few hours! (And a few $$$). Sweet score on the Heavy Infantry Favreau Mando! Take care out there!

  6. AWESOME video brother! I like stores that have that right mix of new and old. It looked like there was that right chemistry here. Great pick up and I believe you’re right, Heavy Mando was up there for awhile so getting him at that price is sweet.

  7. First of all you can’t look this good while toy hunting, it’s just not fair to the rest of us haha. Awesome pick up, that heavy mando is still one of my favorite black series ever! Great hunt as always

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