Walking NYC : Downtown Long Island City Waterfront Streets at Night (October 7, 2020) – ASMR

I walk the streets of Downtown Long Island City’s waterfront on a Wednesday night. Vernon Boulevard was busy, but the rest of the streets were pretty quiet. I noticed many people walking inside Gantry Plaza State Park.

Recorded October 7, 2020

Google Maps Route: https://goo.gl/maps/atSu3zirDP8W6pH6A

2:30 – Vernon Boulevard & 47th Road
5:16 – Vernon Boulevard & 49th Avenue
8:30 – Borden Avenue & Vernon Boulevard
11:00 – Borden Avenue & 5th Street
14:00 – 5th Street & 49th Avenue
19:30 – 5th Street & 46th Road
22:07 – North Basin Road & 5th Street
24:05 – Center Boulevard & North Basin Road
27:43 – Center Boulevard & 47th Avenue
31:05 – Center Boulevard & 49th Avenue

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Filmed Using
DJI Osmo Pocket: https://geni.us/2KMAXA -Amazon
Samsung 128GB microSD Card: https://geni.us/tBkgVv -Amazon
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  1. So dark, quiet and eerie from about 10:00. Looked like no one was out walking. No restaurants. Looks like it might be where people work, but I saw One Hunters Point just before that, so people do live around there in those new high rises. I think this is the first of yours I've seen not narrated. I started watching early September this year.

  2. Make a movie, "Action Kid"! I know it would be good!😷🎧🤳🙂⚓ Made especially for your You Tube fans, like me!🎧🤳👈🏿⚓😷❤️😊

  3. Ever think of getting a 360 camera? So we can look all around you, in every direction and see everything. You’d be surprised at all of the thousands of things you miss daily in life, it’s truly intriguing to see the beauty of life around us as we’re living it. I think It’d be a great investment, would bring many to the channel. It makes these videos feel more “Alive” if that makes sense.

    (Edit: I just realized that you already do and I’ve seen a few of them, but forgot. Nonetheless, I’d like more 360 videos.)

  4. Great walk, ActionKid! 😊

    You have started to use DJI Osmo Pocket too 😊

    I like this camera very much 😊

    It's always makes beautiful colours 😊

    It's really great to watch on the streets of New York by this camera 😊

  5. Like always, Action Kid is uploading great tours! <3 Actionkid inspired me to createt walking tours of my own city, where I live. It is easy to say that.. actually.. since I showed these NYC tours to my gf, she demanded me to move there. Like for real she continued talking a lot about NYC. I was scared! to prove her that we are living in the best city in the world, I started making my own walking tours in the city where I live, Odense in Denmark. I love this city and its' beauty. I would love to hear some words!! 🙂

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